When It Comes To Share Repairs, Don't Assume You Realize the Problem!  

by Pool Builders on 02-12-2011 in Articles

The pump in my Polaris pool cleaner stopped working. Therefore i did like most swimming pool owners would do - call the pool repair people.

They will couldn't explain precisely why it wouldn't operate, other that it only agreed to be an old pump in its last thighs. And, oh yea, you will end up getting an $80 program call for the Ten minutes we spent the following.

My spouse and i flipped the knobs, spun the internal water pump blade and other things I could think of: all to no avail.

I got in order to thinking I could probably replace this water pump myself. I could acquire it on the Internet for any fraction of the value the pool men and women would charge. Then I would just have to disconnect 3 wires (plus a ground) and 2 tubes and then re-connect them. (They even sent alongside new hosing and connections, which they never mentioned anything about.) Right now all I had to perform was carefully detach things and re-connect these people just as they were. Because the pump looked similar it shouldn't be an issue.

As it turned out, this wasn't a problem. As soon as of truth * would it work? My partner and i flipped the turn on and nothing happened. It had been acting just as the old pump was acting. At this point, it was beyond my ability i called Scottsdaleh2o and they directed somebody out. Your guy arrived and got out his voltmeter and also started tracing your voltage. The pool repair guy looked tightly and saw a lot of dead ants for the switch. I had observed them climb upward into the controls before but never thought they will be a problem.

This individual cleaned them out there real good, turned the pump turn on again, and shazam, that worked.

So the ethical lesson of the story will be - if a pump motor or something doesn't work, will not assume the pump (or whatever) isn't good. Work the problem back until you are at the foundation of the problem. In addition, the moral from the story is phone a Paradise Valley pool repair [http://www.scottsdaleh2o.com] organization you can trust because it is achievable if I would have referred to as other pool fix people and permit them to do the work for me, would they have been honest with me and informed me that the switch has been dirty, or, would certainly they have put on a brand new pump, charged myself exorbitantly and never mentioned the truth that the real problem was at the switch.

I suppose I will never know, however I know what happened using these guys, THANKS!

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