When It's Still Too Cold To Play Outside - Try Inflatables

by Pool Builders on 03-16-2007 in Articles

Spring is just around the corner but, right now, for most of us around the country, it's still too cold for the kids to play outside. Video games, board games and movies only go so far towards keeping them entertained. Books are wonderful and highly encouraged by most parents but, then again, it's not especially healthy for them to be sitting idly, doing nothing physical all day either. So, what's a parent to do?

What if there was an activity that encouraged children's physical play and imagination, could be used indoors or out, was completely and easily portable so it could be taken with you almost anywhere, often has multiple uses, parents and kids love it and will use it for many years to come and is rather inexpensive?

What is this magical mystery toy?

Inflatable Products! Inflatables have come a long way since my childhood days of a small round inflatable swimming pool with fish painted on the sides. They have not only improved in the quality of materials used and in the manufacturing process used but the design improvements have been amazing! Kid's Inflatable swimming pools now come in a huge variety of fun designs including: palm tree tropical island feel, rainbow gardens with removable flowers and whale-shaped inflatable pools complete with water spout. But, why am I telling you about inflatable pools if it's too cold for kids to play outside?

Because most of these inflatable pool designs can easily and inexpensively be turned into a ball pit with the simple addition of a couple hundred brightly colored fun plastic balls. These new found ball pits can be set up inside in the play area or basement of your home on bad weather days or simply deflated and taken with you to Grandma's for the weekend. It's a great way to get use out of an inflatable pool all year round.

Besides the kid's inflatable pools, there are inflatable ball pits specifically designed for this purpose. Often in the theme of a playhouse or castle, kids love the bright and fun colors of the ball pits, crawling through the structures and playing with the balls. Many of these ball pits come with rings to toss, hoops for ball throwing or even a small inflatable slide for more fun.

Another extremely popular inflatable product is a small bouncer or jump-o-lene. We all know that kids LOVE to bounce. Bouncers give them a fun and safe, contained environment to hop around in. They get exercise and have fun imagining themselves "defending the fort!" or "being a kangaroo." Many of these bouncers and jump-o-lenes can also be filled with fun plastic balls and turned into a ball pit. It's a great way to keep the kids from getting bored and for the parents to get extended use out of their bouncer purchase.

So, if the weather your way is not quite perfect for outdoor play yet, or, if the kids are just bored with the same old routine and need something to spice things up a bit, consider adding inflatables to the mix. With the variety of options available today you should have no trouble finding one (or several) inflatables to keep your kids happy indoors or out.

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