When Should You Resurface Your Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 10-02-2014 in Articles

All swimming pools deteriorate over time for various reasons. Even though a pool can usually last for up to fifteen years, at some point or another everyone needs to invest in pool resurfacing Redding services in order to restore the previous beauty of their pool. The factors that affect the deterioration of your pool can vary from one location to another as well as from one pool owner to another. In some areas the ground water can make considerable damage, while those who do not use their pool too often might neglect taking care of it, in which case it will most likely deteriorate sooner. A very good example of neglect is when people fail to cover their pools during the cold season when they no longer use them. This way pools get filled with dirt, leaves and are exposed to the weather conditions in the area.

Many pool owners do not know exactly how to use the cleaning products and end up using too many chemicals that destroy the surface of their pools. However, the surface of a pool is prone to erosion because of algae that can grow into it and slowly eat away its superior layer. These are the most common factors that cause pool deterioration and anyone who owns a pool should keep them in mind. Even though the pool may not deteriorate at once, there are a few indicators that you might be in need of pool remodeling Redding services. For instance, when a swimming pool becomes rough to the touch and is chipped away it means that it is in serious need of attention. Everyone knows what it feels like to stand in a swimming pool and feel the rough bottom with your feet. Many people have actually gotten scratches from chipped pool surfaces, so those who have children should definitely take action when these signs start to appear in order to avoid potential accidents.

The fact that the surface of the pool is porous can bring in even more problems and expenses than potential accidents and should determine pool owners to take action and invest in pool resurfacing in Redding immediately. When the pool has become porous, it is more likely to absorb chemicals, which could in turn reach its steel rebar. Since this is the structural support of the pool, if it gets damaged, the repair costs will be much higher than a simple resurfacing. This is why pool resurfacing and remodeling should not be postponed, because they will only cost more as time goes by. So when your pool starts to show signs of aging such as staining, rough surface, flaking and other signs, you should definitely start looking for resurfacing services. The good news is that there are many providers on the market that you can hire to make your pool look brand new, so you should not have any problems in finding one. All you have to do is choose the material that will be used in the process and there are many options here as well, depending on your budget and how you want your pool to look.

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