When to Use Pool Heaters in New York   

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Pools are great for exercise and relaxation. They can be manufactured to any size or shape and can be built in almost any setting. If the pool is located outside or belongs to a home in a state with cold winters, a pool heater should be purchased.

How Heaters Work

Pool heaters are simple systems. Whether powered by electricity, gas or solar, they suck the existing water through their mechanism, circulate it in a heater, and pump it back out into the pool. By using sun-warmed air and a basic magnifying glass-like apparatus, these devices make for an efficient, inexpensive addition.

Why Heaters are Necessary

Heaters have many benefits that complement the joy of owning backyard pools. A heater will extend the pool's swimming season, allowing it to be used year-round. When someone owns a non-heated pool, they are forced to go to club pools during the wintertime, which can require a membership. The alternative is to not swim at all. Heated pools also raise the re-sale value of a home. A swimming pool is already an attractive addition to a property, but when it is heated, the seller has an even shinier gem to sell.

New York Winters

New York has some of the harshest winters in the country. They are long, cold and average between 5 and 13 degrees F. It is the tough winter days like these that prompt owners of above-ground pools in NY to invest in heaters.

When to Use Them

Pool heaters in NY are a must-have during the winter season. This is the time when they will be most beneficial to the user. As soon as fall begins to merge with winter, owners should start turning on their heaters. Owners can stretch the autumn season as far as possible, but once the wind starts carrying its cold snap, the on button needs to be pushed.

Owners need to gauge how long it takes to warm the water. Some heaters take longer than others, depending on their power source and quality. After using it a few times, an owner will get good at calibrating the device. The water does not need to be heated all day long, just around the times of high use. This could be in the evenings or on weekends. When the owner is away for an extended period of time, the device should be turned off.

New Yorkers like to do what they want, when they want. Pool heaters in NY make that possible.

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