Where Have All The Swimming Ponds Gone?

by Pool Builders on 10-14-2007 in Articles

I remember when I was young growing up, all of the kids would go over to my fiends house and we would go swimming in his pond. Yes the water was dark and muddy, yes the mud squeezed up between our toes, but there wasn't anything more fun to a bunch of ten year old boys than going swimming in a pond.

When we weren't swimming in the pond, we were fishing in the pond. So many great memories are related to the old pond at my buddies house.

Well times change, I am no longer ten years old, and my friend's parents sold the farm with the pond years ago, and now houses are built where the old pond was. The kids that live in that new neighborhood have beautiful homes, with well manicured yards and paved streets, and lots of other things that we didn't have when we were kids. But I can't help but think we were much better off because we had the old swimming hole that we could always go to.

Yes, they have city parks and municipal pools to swim in. Yes, the water is crystal clear, and you don't have to worry about the turtles and fish in the pond or chasing the cows off before you could go swimming, but I feel that the kids today, with their computer games and cable TV are the ones that will not have the great memories of their youth like me and my friends do. And for that I'm saddened.

Yes, too many of our old swimming ponds have disappeared. New developments have constructed homes where cattle and horses used to graze. It is not that I'm against development, I work in construction and helped create some these new homes and subdivisions. But when I was young, I couldn't wait to get away from the farm, and now I miss the wide open spaces and comfortable lifestyle that growing up on a farm brings.

Progress comes and change occurs rather you are ready for it or not. Just take a little time along the way to enjoy the simple things in life, like lazy summer days swimming in the pond and fishing on the bank. Looking back, these will be your favorite memories.

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