Where Is The Biggest Pool In The World Situated?

by Pool Builders on 11-17-2007 in Articles

In Chile on the resort of San Alfonso del Mar there is a pool one kilometer long. According to the Guinness Book of World Records it has been recognized as the greatest pool in the world. This artificial pool created in the form of real lagoon with sea water attracts huge number of visitors which you could ever see in Chile.

Situated on the Chilean coast, the pool gives you tremendous view of crystal-blue water space that seems to be infinite. But this grandiose pool presents something greater, than just the place where you can simply get cool.

They used the latest technologies for creating this lagoon, which allow to filter and change oceanic water according to the explanations of the biochemist and businessman Fernando Fishman, chapter of the Crystal Lagoons Corporation, the company which has created this enormous artificial reservoir.

"This sample of progress allows to do that was considered technically impossible earlier - to provide enormous water masses for a life of beach environment and also for an opportunity of practicing in aquatics at the highest level ".

The company also has plans of other interesting projects all over the world. Fishman says, that they are very possessed by the idea of creating «impressive artificial paradise even in areas that seem to be unsuitable for this purpose».

The pool in San-Alfonso has the following characteristics:

- It occupies a space of 8 hectares; it can be compared with 6000 standard 8-meter pools. The pool-lagoon stores 250 thousand cubic meter of water.

- The second one according to its area is Orthlieb pool in Morocco with the size of 150 E 100 meters only.

- During the summer the water in the pool is usually at a level of 26C that is 9 degrees warmer, in comparison with ocean water outside the pool.

- They get water for the pool from 35-meter depth.

- The construction of the pool had cost 1.5 million dollars, and its maintenance requires 4 million every year.

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