Where to Find Designs For Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 05-22-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools varies mainly on their designs whether they are sunken or above ground types. It is what carries a pool to popularity and it's also what makes it stand out among the others. And for that, the pool designers consume many time and days in order for them to make their masterpiece. However, one doesn't have to be a professional pool designer in order to create his or her own artwork as there are tons of great and valuable information that you can gather and have as references for your own pool designs.

Here are some of the best places and materials to start your journey on how to design the perfect pool whether it is the fancy above ground type of pool or the conventional sunken pool:

1. The power of the internet blesses all those that seek information from anything to everything. The internet offers many valuable (not including the trashy information) references, guides, and information regarding swimming pools, themes, applicable shapes and sizes as well as what you are looking for, the designs. There are many websites that offer tutorial on how to design pools. You can find some as free websites while the others require payment for the service. You can also watch videos that feature the different pool design not only in the US but designs from all over the world.

2. Magazines are also a good medium to get ideas as they are ready references with pictures for easy access. They also come in handy whenever you need some information on the road as you can always carry them around and study them whenever you want to. Many swimming pool magazines tackle design ideas and give away free architectural designs as well as the interior design of the pool which includes even the colors of the tiles.

3. Books like magazines are also handy and can be bought at any bookstore whenever you like. These materials provide some information that are not available through the internet or in the magazines. They also have better coverage and discussions regarding specific subjects pertaining to pool designs.

4. Visiting your neighbors that own swimming pools in their backyard is also a good idea as your simple visit can help a lot with your pool ideas and will keep your imaginative mind busy for your masterpiece. Make sure that you take notes and sketch everything you like on a particular pool from your visits.

5. Lastly, gather all the information you got from all of these sources and materials and begin on adding them up together to create your own design. You can trim down your choices and add up only what designs you really want for your pool on your pool sketch. This will give you a clear idea on what your pool preference really is. You can also ask the opinions and suggestions of your family and friends in case you are having a hard time with your decisions on what would be perfect for your pool as they can always punch in some great ideas.

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