Which Equipment To Use For Swimming Pool Cleaning

by Pool Builders on 02-09-2011 in Articles

There is no doubt that owning a swimming is fun and exciting. Yet the pool is one area that must be maintained and cleaned regularly. Swimming pool cleaning is not a task to be set aside because of misconception that it is difficult to accomplish. All it takes is to know how it should be done and the proper tools to use.

A system consisting of pump and filter is a useful and perhaps the most significant tool in pool cleaning. The pump is responsible in driving the water towards the filter when dirt and unwanted particles in the water are blocked then dissolved. Pumps have sizes ranging from 0.75-1.5 HP. The filter may be made of sand or cartridge element and must be regularly cleaned to ensure efficient operation.

A vacuum is not only used for carpets but there are also vacuums that can effectively clean swimming pools. The pool's floor is particularly dealt with by this vacuum. There are various styles of vacuums available in the market. The essential parts that make up this tool are hose attachment, telescoping pole and the vacuum head. There are manual and automatic vacuums to choose from. The manual type utilizes the pressure from the pump to suck out the dirt from the bottom towards the filtration system. The automatic type is a better choice if you are looking for a tool that can help save energy and time. Although costlier than the manual vacuum, automatics can operate more efficiently. The automatic vacuum can be attached to the suction system and it will operate every time the pump runs. There are also other variants of automatic vacuums that operate using the pool water pressure. Others are more sophisticated as they are controlled and programmed by a computer.

The skimmer and the basket should also be part of the pool cleaning system. The skimmer will be responsible in collecting large-sized dirt in the pool that has gone to the filter. The pump basket will trap the debris. The basket should then be emptied every time the pool is vacuumed or inspected. A leaf skimmer may also be used in removing dirt that has settled on the bottom of the pool. It is usually a mesh with long handle that is manually used in cleaning the pool.

A leaf net is a must have in areas where leaf falls regularly or on fall season. The leaf net properly spread over the surface of the pool will effectively catch falling leaves before they fall right into the water. The net should be larger than that of the pool. When fall season is over, this leaf net may be removed is desired then stored properly for the next use.

Brushes are necessary in removing dirt and grime from the walls and floor of the pool. Brushes for cleaning the pool are also of various types. To make cleaning more effective, cleaning solutions may be applied onto the brush before scrubbing the surfaces.

Aside from mechanically operated equipment, the swimming pool may also be cleaned using chemicals. These chemicals can effectively eliminate bacteria and other water contaminants. Examples are sanitizers like bromine and chlorine that disinfects the water. They are available either in tablets or granules. Granules are to be sprinkled in the evening, preferably, so that chemical loss from evaporation may be minimized. Tablets may be placed in floating feeder.

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