Which Is Better: A Home or A Condos  

by Pool Builders on 08-20-2012 in Articles

Before discussing about which one is better type of housing in charming and one of the most popular city Toronto,we should know about what is condo. Condo is a different type of housing in which you will have your private suite or studio.In addition to your suite, you will have access to common area. Common area may include anything like swimming pool,gym,parking lots etc.So in sum up, you can say that condo are like apartments but modern Condos building are far much luxuries and equipped with high class amenities and facilities.Condos are also know as condominiums.

First of all we will discuss about Condos more briefly. Condos is the beautiful and luxuries type of housing with access to many luxuries facilities and amenities.The best thing about this type of housing is
you not need to worry for paying bills like gas bills, water or electricity bills and bills for another amenity or facility, you just need is to pay a monthly fee to management of building. The authority will look after your all needs. In General Facilities and Amenity include in Condominiums are Swimming pool, Parking lot, Security service, Elevators, 24 Hours Gas supply, 24 hour Water Supply, Electricity Backup,and Common leisure areas.This new concept of housing have a great long growth story in real estate sector
of Toronto. The main reason of people are accepting this type of housing is that you do not need to worry about cleaning snowfall in front of your homes in winters. Many wonderful project has been
launched by the developers by seeing its demand. One of the most popular project is The Britt Condos in Toronto.According to Top real estate agent in Toronto," Condos are a next generation residential".

The homes are the different type of housing from Condos. The only advantage of Home is that we have all the area private but we did not get the as many facilities as Condos owner get.Due to stupendous rise in property prices in last few years, homes had become a dream. The prices have reached the top that its not every body task to buy it. Apart from that, home are less luxuries than condos if we compare it according to price. You have to spent many hours to pay a Gas bills, water bills and electricity bills. Plus, home are less secure than condos. In region like Toronto, snowfall in front of your house is a big headache.

If you want your life without any stress then Condo is the best category of housing for you. The main reason for high sale of condos in Toronto is because of migration of people to Toronto. Every year
thousand of people migrate to Toronto for better work and study opportunity from all around the world. Some big developers are also attracting customers by giving special discount like Lanterra Developments offer 10 percent on The Britt Condos

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