Which Pool Have You Swam In? See The Various Types of Pools!  

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2009 in Articles

Are you fond of swimming? If you are, then you should know that you have billions of people who feel exactly the same. It can do so many things for you. Just by walking in the water, you can help tone your exercise. Although it may not feel it, there is pressure placed upon your body and muscles. Hence, swimming is actually a great way to exercise without feeling too stressed or tired while doing it.

Apart from this, it can also serve you health benefits. Part from toning your muscles, it can also help improve blood circulation and make your lungs stronger. Nonetheless, even if you enjoy swimming, have you noticed that there are a lot of swimming pool varieties? It is very likely that you have swum in almost all of these pools in your lifetime. If you want to learn about them, even reminisce, here are the different types of pools.

  1. Private Pools - These are the ones found in homes. Most of the time, the ones with the cash are the ones who can afford having a swimming pool of their own since the maintenance cost is quite high. Nonetheless, nothing beats a dip on after a long tiring day.
  2. Public Pools - These are the more accessible type for people who cannot afford to have their own at home. These are often crowded with people and have different depths.
  3. Kiddie Pools - This is self-explanatory. Kiddie pools are built for the height of children.
  4. Olympic Pools - These are wide and deep pools for athletes to practice their sport in. Most of the time, these are divided with buoys and nets to help swimmers train better.
  5. Natural Pools - Natural pools are lakes, rivers and oceans. These are often clean and have a cool temperature. There are also hot springs where in people can swim in during cold seasons, if they wish.
  6. Customized Pools - There are many customized pools around the country nowadays. There are those which are designed to have slides, mini obstacle courses and many others. These are often found in resorts and public venues.

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