Which Swimming Pool is Right For You?

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2009 in Articles

In-ground swimming pools
The first and most common type of swimming pool there is, an in ground pool is also the most expensive type you can purchase. The main advantages to buying this type of pool are: adding value to your property and the fact the size can technically be unlimited. If you have the space available you can have a pool as big as you can afford. The disadvantages to an in ground pool are: they are very expensive to install, time consuming to build and the ongoing costs can be very expensive, especially if the pool needs heating regularly

Above ground swimming pools
Above ground pools are becoming increasingly popular as a second option for people who simply don't have the space or possibly don't have the budget. The main advantages of an above ground pool are: They are a lot cheaper to install and maintain and lastly if you move home you have the option of taking the pool with you. The disadvantages to an above ground pool are: They do offer you the same depth and size that an in ground pool can offer and they do not add much (if any) value to your home, unless of course you offered it with your house when you sell up.
Portable swimming pools - portable swimming pools (sometimes referred to as kiddie or paddling pools) are the cheapest form of swimming pool you can buy. The main advantages of portable swimming pools: the price is cheap, you can pick an average sized pool for around $200 - $500 now that really is a cheap swimming pool, compare that to an above ground pool which can start at around $2,000. Lastly they are portable, you can quickly and easily drain the pool water and store it away during the winter months.  The main disadvantages of portable pools are: you cannot swim in them like you can with a conventional swimming pool and lastly they are not built to last, if you can get 5 or 10 years from a portable pool that's exceptional.

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