Which Vinyl Fence Is Right for You?  

by Pool Builders on 09-25-2012 in Articles

Here at Global Fence and Gate, we offer a wide range of different vinyl fencing products to meet your needs. We believe that every home or commercial property deserves to have the perfect fence to complement it. That's why we make it our goal to offer as many styles and varieties as possible. We encourage you to look through all of the choices until you find your perfect match! There is something to meet every style preference and, perhaps even more importantly, every budget!

Our vinyl privacy fence, which is a picket fence, is one of our top sellers, and for good reason. Firstly, you can buy it in two different heights‚¬"five inches or six inches--, so you get a perfect fit every time! It comes with all of the hardware you need, and it's a clean, pristine white color that will go with just about any property. This is the fence to choose if your privacy is important to you. It completely blocks view of your property, so nobody can see in or know your business. This is the perfect fence for pools, patios, or other outdoor areas where you just want to relax and feel completely secluded, but it's also great for enclosing your entire home as well.

If you want a privacy fence, but with a bit more of a decorative, fanciful touch, then we recommend our privacy fence with lattice. It has a crisscross lattice pattern going across the top of the fence, so you still get all the privacy you want, but with a stylish touch. Many people choose this fence when they want privacy and security but don't want to look quite so ominous and like they're trying to keep people out. This lovely, white fence has just the right touch of friendliness without sacrificing your privacy and security.

The shadow box fence is also a nice choice for anyone who wants a little style to go with their privacy fence. Plus, it's another design that gives you the privacy and safety you crave without blocking out the rest of the world entirely. When people look at the fence head-on, they can't see anything that's going on on the other side. However, a view from the side will provide a tiny glimpse of the other pickets. You can even add a lattice on top of this fence for a prettier, more creative addition to your yard.

We mentioned swimming pools earlier, and we do have a special pool code fence that is just perfect for any pool owner. While it doesn't completely obstruct the view of your swimming pool from outsiders, it does provide some privacy. Plus, it's a beautiful white color and has a traditional but still stylish picket design. While made for pools, this fence is also suitable to play areas, gardens, and more!

If none of these fences seem like the right choice for you, don't worry! We have plenty more available, so just shop until you find the fence you've always wanted.

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