Who Knew Being Prompt Could Do Your Pool Good?

by Pool Builders on 04-16-2011 in Articles

A pool can be a great accessory to one's home. Imagine the fun that your family can have with one around. It is summer season and a swim is definitely and inevitably needed. What great timing!

But you might be a pool owner who is already tired of maintaining and tending it. Well, may be you need to look in the brighter side of the things.

Don't stress out. Pool maintenance can be such a chore sometimes. But undeniably, it is one of those things that we absolutely need to do as a pool owner. Prior to obtaining a pool, you had to prepare for the responsibilities that goes with it. Pool maintenance is like marriage in a way. You just can't bail out whenever you want to. Of course bailing out will force things to get ugly. I know. Right now you might be shaking your head - maybe even harder and heavier than what you were doing before.

It's OK to be stressed-out sometimes. Hey! were just people, made of flesh and blood. We feel this emotion especially if we are under pressure. As we all know, pressure comes naturally within our lives. Just take a breath. You will find that it is better to just step out of the situation for a brief moment. Stepping out for a while will give you the opportunity to see things in a different perspective.

Don't worry. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel. There are ways to lessen the pressure of maintaining your pool. It's called being prompt. Yes, promptness will save you loads and loads of stress and dismay. It seems that PROMPTNESS IS THIRD TO GODLINESS huh? Yes you are right. Here are some things that you can do to decrease that prosody.

1. Aid yourself by purchasing water test strips. Water test strips results indicate the current status of your pool water. It will tell you whether you need to increase and decrease your chemical levels.

2. Test your pool water everyday. Make sure that it is safe and stable to use.

3. Have available pool chemicals. You'll never know when you will need them. Be reminded you have to be PROMPT about making adjustments as per your water test strips' results. This will prohibit any future pool mishaps.

4. Clean and sanitize your pool on a daily basis. Daily cleaning includes brushing, skimming and sweeping your pool floors, surfaces and walls. This will give you extra "lazy" times at the end of the week.

5. Run your filter and pool-cleaner overnight for everyday of your life -- seriously. They will clean and sanitize your whole pool structure even when you're sleeping. This will do you and your pool good. Just put your equipment to rest in the morning.

6. Clean your pool on a weekly basis. You can't clean a pool with dirty equipments. It will just be pointless.

Quite definitely, being prompt is third to GODLINESS. Just do the small work and you'll save yourself from great stress.

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