Wholesale Pool Toys Under $5 Will Help Stores Beat a Bad Economy

by Pool Builders on 01-19-2009 in Articles

With the economy at such a bad point at this time of year, many people have started spending much more time at home. The bad thing about this decision is that the children have to suffer with this decision as well, and most children do not grasp how bad the economic situation really is.

There are so many people out of a job now, that money is really tight. Once the weather starts to warm up your customers will have a chance to give the children something to do with water toys. Instead of taking normal vacations, parents will need explain to the children that they just cannot take a vacation at this time but they can spend the summer swimming in the pool. Even families that do not have a pool of their own can visit some of their friends that do, or maybe live close enough to a small beach area where the children can go swimming.

These families will need to get the children some water toys. So, where do you think they will go to get the least expensive discount pool toys in your area? How about right in your store? When families come in to purchase their weekly chemicals, inexpensive pool toys under $10 will be an easy add on sale to their purchase. Stores that do not have a good selection of backyard water toy stores will definitely lose out on this stay - cation buying trend this summer.

The older kids will really enjoy playing with a fun, water sport toy such as Scoobarang, the world's only underwater boomerang. The younger kids with enjoy splashing and swimming with cute, random motion Splashy Dashers pool toys in fun animals shapes such as Pengy the Penguin and Clowny the Clownfish.

The parents can also purchase backyard accessories from you store such as the affordable Pool & Spa Towel Holder or in an in pool table with umbrella. Also affordable are towel clips to keep their towels on their chairs. Don't forget to include these inexpensive pool toys on your website too. Some websites may even offer special discounts or coupons to bring traffic to their websites to purchase water toys and accessories. Be a hero this summer and let your customers enjoy new, affordable water toys that you stocked just for them. Your store will be the one that profits!

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