Why Aluminum Fences Are Preferred?  

by Pool Builders on 07-18-2012 in Articles

Aluminum fences are easy to install, corrosion free, durable and low on maintenance. Malleability of metal means attractive designs which add to the visual appeal of the place. A reliable manufacturer will offer a range of styles, colors and heights to meet your specific requirements.

Aluminum has become the preferred metal for producing fencing material, thanks to the advantages it brings in. A lightweight and corrosion free metal, it is good in appearance as well. You have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, while knowing that it won't compromise a bit on quality. Malleability of aluminum makes it easy to cast it into attractive designs.

That aluminum is easy to install contributes to the preference accorded to it. Different sections of the fence can be easily pre-assembled and punched. The gates can also be welded as required. As aluminum is corrosion free, it is low on maintenance. It also ensures longer life than wood, vinyl or wrought iron fences which would need replacement after a certain point of time.

Total purchase value of aluminum fences is cheaper than other kind of fences. Though the direct price may be higher than the other kind of fences, in the long term, it proves to be more cost efficient due to low maintenance and durability.

Some people have apprehensions regarding the durability of aluminum fences. However, as the fact, aluminum fences are sturdy and can persist in different kinds of climates. Metal can withstand natural elements like water, snow, heat, cold and wind.

The combination of soil, water and other elements can wreak havoc on wrought iron fencing and other fence materials. However, thanks to its chemical composition, aluminum stands up to adverse conditions. Moreover, paint coat over the metal also provides extra protection. Whether you want to use the fence around a lawn or a pool, they are perfect.

As for the cost, it depends on the grade of aluminum used and the type of customization. There are residential, commercial and industry grade fences. Then there are your preferences regarding the design and specifications. All these variables play a role in deciding the overall cost of the fence. Even if you are looking for dog fence or pet fence with certain measurement, these fences will work well.

A reliable manufacturer will offer a variety of styles, colors and heights to meet your specific fencing needs. Their fences will provide style and elegance, while assuring strength and durability. Quality manufacturers will also provide a limited lifetime warranty on the performance of their powder coatings specifically against peeling,cracking, chipping and blistering for as long as you own your fence.

For swimming pools, aluminum fences are the most popular type of fencing around. They are unaffected by water or moisture unlike wood or iron, which makes them more durable than these materials. An aluminum fence will stand there to guard the pool much, much longer than the other kind of fences.

Another major factor which goes in favor of aluminum fences is that aluminum is one of the most recycled materials. When ordering aluminum fences, you need not cut down trees or use other materials which are not eco-friendly.

Opt for a manufacturer that specializes in aluminum pool fences [http://www.vanguardaluminumfences.com/swimming-pool-facts.php]. Their fences will be powder-coated rather than wet-painted providing it high quality and baked on finish. Choose the style and grade that fits your requirement perfectly well.

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