Why Change to Natural Pool Chemicals?

by Pool Builders on 05-25-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are great places to exercise and maintain a fit physical condition; however, most conventional pools use chemicals that are harmful to human beings as well. Now getting healthy through swimming becomes more of a risk than getting fit.

Although there are many different types of chemicals used on swimming pools, chlorine is the product that seems to be the favorite among many pool owners due to many reasons. It is a popular chemical product used on most pools due to its affordability and its effectiveness in getting rid of germs, bacteria, algae, and most harmful microorganisms. Although these benefits are true, chlorine like all other chemicals causes side effects from minor medical conditions to serious medical problems and complications.

For this reason, natural pool chemicals were developed in order to reduce the risk of side effects and other risks on medical conditions while enjoying the refreshing coolness of the pool water. Three different natural pool disinfecting system where developed as a replacement for the use of chemical products as sanitizing products on swimming pools. These three types of natural pool system remove or replace the use of chlorine on the pool water as well.

Saltwater pool system is perhaps the most commonly used and most popular alternative for using chemical products on swimming pool water. Although it doesn't totally remove the use for chlorine, it replaces the chemical product with a rather natural chemical produced through the use of salt on the pool water. Saltwater chlorination is a popular natural process of disinfecting water which originated in Australia. Although it is way much more expensive to have one than the traditional pools, most pool owners are finding it more practical as health is what's important to most people.

Ozone gas injection on swimming pool water is another natural system of disinfecting and maintaining healthy pool water without relying on any chemical products. The idea is that ozone is injected into the water to eliminate bacteria, harmful microorganisms, germs and even get rid of algae. Depending on the strength of the ozone gas injected in the pool, the need for chlorine will vary base on the cleaning powers of the natural pool chemical.

Minerals are also used in sanitizing and disinfecting pool waters as another alternative for chemicals. Copper, silver and zinc ions are used for this purpose as they are effective in naturally cleaning the pool water as well as getting rid of algae farms and discouraging algae buildups. A combination of these minerals is also used to maximize and improve its cleaning strength for best results.

Although shifting to natural pool chemical system requires more work and is rather difficult to maintain than the conventional pools, its benefits are worth every penny and sweat spent. Chlorine and other chemicals are hard on the skin which also leaves the skin and the hair of the swimmer dull and dry. Salt is a substance that leaves a soft feel on the skin when used as an alternative natural pool chemical. Most of all, a chemical-free pool is a healthy pool for its swimmers.

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