Why Choose A Semi-Inground Pool?

by Pool Builders on 12-09-2011 in Articles

Have you ever imagined having the perfect summer's day with your friends and family enjoying a party in the garden? Although expensive, what you'd love to have is a swimming pool to make it even better. One way to get around the whole expense issue is to install a semi-inground rather than an inground pool.

The main difference between these swimming pools is that a semi-inground is not built right into the ground. Instead, they are only installed half of the way down, making them almost as attractive as an inground. But there are other advantages other than being a lot cheaper than an inground swimming pool. The time it takes to install one is much less.

In comparison, a fully inground pool needs a lot more work in removing dirt and installation. The cost of labor can rocket sky high especially when hiring specialist contractors. This is because professional equipment, machinery and knowledge is often needed. After all, if you're going to spend thousands on a pool, you'll want it built properly. The beauty of a semi inground installation is that anyone with some DIY skills can potentially install one. You can even find pool kits on the market which take very little time and work to put in.

It's quite a common stereotype to think that only people with lots of money can afford to have their own swimming pool. The fact is, you don't need to be incredibly rich to enjoy your own lovely pool at your residence during the summer months. These kind of pools are very affordable and can even cost less than half of a fully inground swimming pool.

Another benefit of most modern semi inground pools is that they are made from strengthened aluminum, making them excellent against corrosion and high pressures. What's more, swimming pool manufacturers often offer customers a long warranty for their pools, giving you a peace of mind.

Surprisingly, even if you want a deck around your pool it's not a problem. Even semi-inground pools can come with decking or give the option to install one. Adding decking can give the impression of having an inground pool and make it easy to get in and out. A deck will also give you space to sit by the pool and watch your family enjoy the pool on a hot summers day. With so many advantages of a semi-inground pool, it's no surprise that more and more people are investing in this cost effective option for their very own pool.

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