Why Choose Swim Spas Over Hot Tubs?

by Pool Builders on 02-18-2011 in Articles

Hot tubs has been one of the most loved outdoor (and indoor) home product of many. They are useful and quite beneficial to many as well. This is why there was a time where numerous retailers would sprout like mushrooms everywhere. The thing is, there is a new trend now. There is a newer, more useful kind of tubs, the swim spa.

Swim spas are hybrid hot tubs. They are a combination of swimming pools and tubs. Most of them are elongated tubs, mostly divided into two parts. The first part is composed of the tub. This is the hot tub side of the spa. It has all the features of a tub that you may need. It has jets, a filtration system of its own, and the capability of having warm water so you can just sit down and relax. The next part would be the swimming pool part. As mentioned, the spa looks like an elongated tub. The reason for this is because this elongated part is the swimming pool part. It looks more like one pool lap but it has jets in it as well. It produces a certain water current that allows you to swim there for as long as you want without hitting any walls. It's like swimming laps and laps without turning around. Indeed, they have proven to be the perfect whole body work out machine.

So why choose swim spas over hot tubs? Actually, I think the question should be, why NOT choose swim spas over hot tubs? Like I said, they have exactly what every tub has, and more.

Swim spas are cost efficient. Swim spas would waste a single penny of yours. You can get actually get one at a very low price. The only trick is that you should make sure that you are choosing direct swim spas. Choosing direct means buying the tub straight from the manufacturer's factory. This may sound difficult to some, but there are retailers offering this kind of deal. These retailers have partnered with the manufacturers so the customers can get the products in the lowest possible price, the factory price. Aside from being able to buy them at very low-cost, it is also very efficient since that you can do a lot in it. Whatever it is you can do in both a tub and a pool, you can do here as well. So cost-wise, it's like paying for a swimming pool and a tub in one low price.

Work your whole body out. Swim spas have this feature wherein you can swim in place for as long as you want. They have this feature wherein an adjustable water current will be applied in the pool part so you can swim laps and laps without hitting the walls nor turning around. Swimming is known to be the most balanced form of exercise as it works out all the muscles of the body - from head to toe.

Maintenance is not a problem. Swim spa maintenance is not at all a problem. They have their own state of the art filtration system that does everything. Just make sure that you have all the water treating chemicals and you'll be sure that your spa is safe and bacteria free.

So why would you not choose swim spas? Well, with just these above mentioned factors I was sold at the fact that the spas definitely have the advantage.

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