Why Choose a Digital Pool Thermometer

by Pool Builders on 04-02-2010 in Articles

Many people think that soothing, warm pool water is only reserved for exclusive spas, hotels, and resorts. But the truth is you can recreate the same experience in your own swimming pool - or even your hot tub. All you need is to get an inexpensive pool heater. And to make sure that the water is of the ideal warmth, you also need to get a digital pool thermometer.

The Advantages

Simply using a room or body thermometer on your pool can lead to drastic consequences. These thermometers can give inaccurate readings if they are simply dipped into a large body of water. Also, mercurial or alcohol thermometers are made of glass. They run the risk of breaking in the water if they hit the tiles or wall. The glass shards, as well as the mercury or alcohol liquid, are very hazardous and almost impossible to get rid of. If this accident happens you might have to resort to removing the pool water entirely.

You can avoid the aforementioned mishap with a digital reader. Digital thermometers are now the preferred temperature reading devices. Compared to analogue thermometers, digital readers give the temperature accurately and within seconds. They need the extra expense of batteries, but the added accuracy is important especially if you are undergoing water therapy, or recuperating from a sickness. The right warmth of water can make all the difference.

Getting your pool water to the ideal warmth opens up your outdoor or indoor pool to a lot of possibilities - your morning swim will be much more relaxing, or your afternoon therapy will be much more beneficial when you do it immersed in warm water. A digital pool thermometer is ideal so that you know just how right the water temperature is. When you can get the water warm right in your own home, you can enjoy the comfort of doing therapy or exercises right in your house. You save yourself dollars for spa fees, and enjoy more privacy and contentment.

Options for Your Digital Pool Thermometer

The digital thermometers for pools come in many different forms and types. Some units are handheld and simply need to be dipped into the pool for a few seconds. Some units float and give the reading on a display on top. Some units have wireless remotes and display the reading on a separate device that hangs on a nearby wall. In terms of design, you will not run out of options for decoration or color for these kinds of devices - they are as useful as they are nice to look at.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your thermometer is easy - all you need to do is store it in a cool place and make sure that it gets a fresh supply of batteries. Also, remove the batteries when you would not be using the unit to avoid battery leaks. Enjoy your digital pool thermometer and the benefits it will bring you!

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