Why Choose an Above Ground Pool  

by Pool Builders on 08-29-2014 in Articles

Some homeowners feel that it is a more fiscally smart option to build a swimmingpool into the ground. Others believe that the above ground ones are the better way to go.
Be it in-ground or above ground, in both cases there are costs but the basic overall costs of owning an above-pool once you break down all the expenses are the cheaper options. An in-ground pool can cost four times the price of an above ground one. One of the biggest expenses related to owning any swimming-pool, be it above the-ground, or in ground, is the initial costs for installation, set-up, digging, and of course pool supplies. Replacement costs for items such as poolcovers and liners are also cheaper with an above-grounds-pool. Honestly speaking, it can cost the owner of an in-ground thousands of dollars to build and maintain his pool beauty whereas the owner of above one will pay much much less for the same pool size. There is even the opportunity to build the above ground swimming-pool yourself using a timber pool kit and save some money.
An important feature that many swimmingpool owners enjoy is the warmer overall temperature of the water in above ground-pools. Although you can purchase pool heaters for in ground pools, but this will increase your cost of maintenance but the warmer air temperatures alone, can help to raise the temperature of your above ground swimming-pools. The use of solar heaters and solar blankets can help increase the temperature of your above pool. This option makes heating your pool more affordable. Winterizing an above ground swim pool is also a little easier.
A unique and undeniable advantage of buying above-ground-pools is their portability. If you have an in ground swimming pool, and for whatever reason have to move, your pool has to stay there. On the other hand, above-ground pools can be dismantle, transported and set up at your new home. Even if you decide, where you initially installed your pool was not ideal, you can move it to another location on your property. It will require some extra expenses, but this option is not possible with in-ground pools. Furthermore, when it comes to the set-up, or installation of an above-ground, it can be completed in a single day, whereas in-ground-pools can take up to about three weeks for complete installation.
If you are trying to make the decision on whether or not to get an above ground or in-ground-pool, there are countless advantages to owning any of them but surely above-pools are the best. With respect to the above-ground-pool, you will save more money, have warmer temperatures, without the use of a heater, and have portability.
Despite all the advantages of owning an above-pool, some homeowners go for in-ground one, this is because they like it the most. But be sure that you can afford the cost of building and maintenance before you go for that option. It really cost a lot. And to honest, the above ones also have some disadvantages like standing high above the ground instead of being inside the soil, but this can easily be combated by incorporating your above-pool into a decking system. Some companies that sell you the above-pool also do a decking when you placed your order with them. If you're going to do the decking yourself then be sure to learn how do it exacly because if not done properly you'll endanger the longevity of your above swimming-pool. So to cut it short, above-pool is cheaper, portable and easier to do maintenance but it has that disadvantage of standing above the ground. In-ground-pool is much expensive, high maintenance cost, not portable and always stay in one place unlike above one that you can dismantle and store until the summer time but it has the advantage of being more attractive to the eyes.
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