Why Concrete Remains the Best Choice for Building Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2013 in Articles

Even though many new techniques and materials have now emerged in the market to make pond installations easier, custom concrete pools still remain to be a favorite choice among many. Fiberglass ponds have many advantages including a faster installation procedure but they do not prove very suitable when the pond site is sloping or shaped unevenly.

Concrete pools offer flexibility in design and shape, which means that you can design a concrete pond in any contour or profile. They are also much stronger and can last for a long time. Let us look at some of the features of concrete ponds in detail.

Lower Maintenance

When you own a pond the last thing you want to do is spent time cleaning the basin very frequently and testing the pool water. Pond owners these days can opt for automatic chemical dosing in floor cleaning which will ensure a proper balance of poll water chemicals like pH and chlorine. When you do it manually there is a chance of overuse of these chemicals which can give strong smells in the water that are even hazardous for health.

You can even add a solar heater instead of a gas heater to your custom concrete pool. This is a great feature in places that get quite cold during the winter. You also considerably save on gas bills. These latest additions in technology have made maintaining concrete pools much easier.

Customized pool design

This is still one of the major reasons people still opt for concrete pools. When a customer thinks about having a pond installed in their backyard, they can freely decide on the design of the pool. They can also decide the size of the pool they want. That's the kind of flexibility concrete ponds offer. Many individuals come up with their own unique pool designs including the tiling on the pool walls. These days, people do prefer pools with straight sides as it saves a lot of space and looks great at the same time.

Infinity pools

Infinity pools add great personality and atmosphere to a property. That is why many well-known hotels have their own uniquely designed infinity pool. Many such infinity pools are the reason guests choose staying at the hotel itself. Individuals inspired by infinity pools in hotels try to recreate the same atmosphere in their homes too. These pools cost much more than the standard custom concrete pool and can bring up the cost of the pool up by $ 25,000.

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