Why Did Your Swimming Pool Go Green?

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2007 in Articles

Its hot!

Summer is ramping up and your starting to sweat!

People right around the world are beating the heat and playing around in their pools. Unfortunately for a few pool owners their pool is nothing but bad news and it doesn't have to be this way!

Unfortunately for some people instead of having a beautiful oasis that they can keep cool in...they have a green pool that you wouldnt even think of getting into.

Certainly a quick way to ruin a perfect summers day!

So, what exactly turns your pool water green?

Green pool water is almost always going to be green algae. Green algae is always in your pool and it is a constant battle to keep it suppressed. There are many ways that green algae gets into your pool including lack of sanitizer, rain, wind and it almost always happens on hot sunny days.

Green algae thrives in pools that have a bad water balance. Water balance can happen from a combination of things, but mainly from improper chemical balance, bad filtration and bad weather.

Although swimming in a green pool wont hurt you, it can mask other nasty bacteria that may be harmful to you or your family. It is also hard to see into a green pool due to the lack of visibility. Making it hard to see any objects in the pool that may harm you when diving in, and it can also make rescuing a drowning swimmer really hard if you cant see them.

I dont need to tell you that swimming in a green pool is probably not the most enjoyable thing you can do on a hot summers afternoon.

A green pool can also harm you swimming pool equipment by clogging it up and putting unnecessary stress on the pump, filter and plumbing.

Enjoy your pool and have fun. No one wants a green pool, so Keep the water clean and safe by maintaining the water regularly. That way you can stay cool and have fun exercising with your family.

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