Why Do You Need Kids Wetsuit?  

by Pool Builders on 04-22-2012 in Articles

As parents, you are obviously concerned about the protection of your children: protection not necessarily from getting dirty, but from the harmful effects of the sun as well as from getting cold in the water.

Children are usually notoriously fond of playing in and with water, especially during the summer time. If fact the experience of raising four children and now watching four grand children grow up, has taught me, as I'm sure your own children have taught you, that whether it's a swimming pool, mud puddle, lake or the ocean, it is quite difficult to be keeping them apart from wet stuffs regardless of the weather.

At least when you are at the beach or the pool, the temperature of the water, in relation to the temperature outside becomes much less of a factor if a kids wetsuit were worn. Not to mention the added protection against sun and sand and all the other little factor around the swimming pool etc. that a wetsuit provides.

A surprise to most parents is that a proper fitting wet suit does let water in: at least a small amount of water. Indeed this is how they work. By letting a small amount of water inside, a flow is created that is heated by your child's own body. This flow builds a thin layer in between the suit and the skin of your child that helps to insulate against loss of further heat thus keeping them warm as well as comfortable.

If the wetsuit is too loose, then a continuous water flow through the suit would be dragging away the heat of the body, and your son or daughter would begin to feel chilled under the water. That is they may look warm but the flow of water would act just like a refrigerator and cool your child down.

In contrast if the wetsuit is too small, it would not just be unpleasant to be worn, but also be a grave risk for reducing the flow of blood to your children, and possibly cause respiratory problems. If can't conceive of any responsible parent not noticing this but it is worth noting. Basically don't cram your child into just any kid's wetsuits; you must make sure that you purchase a wetsuit that is best for your precious child.

Now don't get me wrong, the thickness of the suit is still important. It is suggested that the thickness of the neoprene of the should be between 1.5 mm to 2mm for providing sufficient heat for majority of the heated pools. In contrast it is suggested that the thickness of the neoprene should be 3 millimeters or more for the cooler water of lakes, open pools or the ocean, for the protection of your kids.

Length is a just as vital consideration but you already know that Longer is warmer than Short.

If the water is extremely cold, you should investigate purchasing the winter suit, whose neoprene thickness should be at least 5 millimeters: but I have to say that I am not convinced that you should be letting children (under 12 years old) swimming in such cold water regardless of the neoprene thickness

For helping to protect your children, good parents would be investing in kids wetsuit. Choose the one that is most suited for the environment and the most appropriate for the chosen activities your children are going to play in. Make sure it is well-fitting for your own peace of mind and for getting the most protection out of the money that you have spent on the new water-sports equipment for your beloved children.

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