Why Having a Pool Is Real Cool  

by Pool Builders on 01-21-2013 in Articles

There are many advantages to having a swimming pool in your yard. You have your own place to swim, your children will get to know the other kids in the neighborhood (because they'll all want to come round and have a go), and the summers won't be so hot. There is even the added bonus of letting your children learn responsibility by giving them poolside chores. Let's look at these bonuses in a little more detail€¦

Your Pool on Your Time

Have you ever been to a crowded pool? You can't swim two feet before running into the rump of another swimmer. There is no room for diving either with all the bodies in the water and you can't find a chair to work on your tan because all the beach body types are occupying them. For all these reasons, it is so much nicer to have your own pool. You will have room to swim laps and not worry about bumping into strangers, a chair will always be available when you want to dry off or warm up and you won't have to worry about your stuff being stolen or your towel being sat on. You'll have a peaceful place to spend time alone or with your family. And there are other benefits of this privacy too - let's face it- we don't all have that perfect bathing suit body. Having a pool in your yard allows you the privacy to feel good in your swimwear.

The Talk of the Neighborhood

There is no better way for children to meet and make friends than to invite them back to the pool. No kid will turn down an invitation to go swimming. Soon enough your little ones will be the most popular kids in the neighborhood. Making friends is easy with a pool to break the ice too so your children will have people to swim with and won't bug you to always swim with them when you've got dinner to make and cleaning to do. Socializing with other children is an important development for children's mental growth so this is a great advantage.

Summer Enjoyment

There is no better place to be in the middle of the summer heat than in the refreshing water of your backyard pool. Even when the weather is unbearable, you can feel cool and relaxed in the water. While everyone else is paying to get into other summer activities, your whole family can have fun in your own backyard. It's an inexpensive way to entertain the entire family; and the neighbors too, if you want.

Responsible Pool Ownership

Having a pool takes a lot of work. Your children can learn responsibility by helping out with all the work it entails. They can be responsible for cleaning, covering and chlorinating the water. If your kids are two young for that, you can start them out with making sure all the toys are out of the pool and that all the towels are in the laundry hamper.

A pool of your own is a great addition to any home. Having your own place to swim, letting your kids making friends, and cooling off in the summer heat are three of the best reasons to get a pool of your own.

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