Why Install a Heated Pool?

by Pool Builders on 10-21-2012 in Articles

The only logical response to this question is why not! Heated pools are a great addition to any backyard or community area because it allows swimmers to enjoy the benefits of swimming for longer periods of time, and in some areas, year round. Heated spas are lovely for just relaxing, but what if you want the benefit of a swimming workout during the winter? If you are a regular swimmer or a tri-athlete, you may need your pool to help keep up with your training, so it makes sense to have access to a heated pool. Besides that, heated pools are just awesome.

What are the Benefits?

Besides the fantastic benefit of warm pool water available year round, which can make a winter's evening quite lovely, a heated pool has many health benefits. Warm water has long been considered therapeutic in nature and can help ease the painful stiffness of joints many feel during the icy cold of winter. For arthritis sufferers, doctors often prescribe an aquatic regimen, because water offers a low impact cardio workout. Water allows patients to receive the benefits of a cardio workout without the continued stress on the joints, but when cooler temperatures roll in, these patients are forced into a gym where exercise equipment can irritate and further damage fragile joints. A heated pool allows arthritis patients the opportunity to continue their aquatic exercise therapy without the worry of any further damage to weakened joints. In addition to the cardio aspect of a pool, heated water also keeps muscles warm throughout exercising and can help reduce inflammation within joints, giving patients relief from lingering pain. Plus, warm water is just divine to relax in!

Pools that are heated also give children an active outlet. Cooler months can be long and boring for children who are used to being outside and playing. A heated pool can expend their pent up energy rapidly. Throw them into a heated pool and watch them go! Admittedly, it will be chilly in certain areas, particularly in the north, where temperatures can rapidly drop, but by having a heated pool, you can almost double your available swimming months. It is not advisable to allow little swimmers in the dead of winter, but the cooler months of early spring and fall can still be enjoyed by those little fishes who just aren't ready to give up the pool just yet.

If you are considering adding a heated pool to your yard or community, or want to add a heating element to your pool, it is best to consult a professional pool company for installation and advice. There are a variety of heating units available: from regular gas units to electric, there is a heating element for your pool. If you are looking to be greener with your pool, there are solar units available, and depending on the location of your pool, you may be able to have this green element installed. No matter what, heated pools are a great addition to your yard, and your family will no doubt enjoy the extended swimming time year after year.

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