Why Introducing Your Baby to the Swimming Pool Could Be One of the Best Things You Can Ever Do For Them  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2013 in Articles

PeopleâEUR(TM)s attitudes about the best way to bring up a baby differ. There are those that believe the baby should be âEUR~wrapped in cotton woolâEUR(TM) and protected from the world around them for as long as possible. Then there are the parents that want to take their baby out into the world and expose them to as much as possible, as soon as they possibly can. These adventurous parents are the ones that are most likely to be first in line for the baby swimming lesson. Once a baby is old enough to swim one of the best things that you can do is to take them swimming. It doesnâEUR(TM)t have to be an organised lesson of course; it could just be a family trip to the pool. A trip to the swimming pool opens up a world of visual and auditory stimulation for your child.

Stimulating the Senses

Why should taking baby to a public pool seem so odd? After all your baby has been encased by water in his motherâEUR(TM)s womb for nine months; so the sensation of being surrounded by liquid should be something akin to a home from home experience. Babies adore being in water, the water gives them the freedom to move, something that they are still struggling to master in the real world. Once they start moving in the water they are giving their little muscles a work out which serves to strengthen them and help them to prepare for rolling, crawling and ultimately walking. All of babiesâEUR(TM) senses are stimulated by the experience, the sights and the sounds of the other people in the pool band the texture of the water all stimulate baby in a way that no single piece of baby equipment ever could.

Building Trust

While getting ready to swim in the water and getting changed again afterwards, you are in constant close physical contact with your baby. Babies thrive on one to one attention and love skin to skin contact and you are giving them exactly what they need. Plus, being in the water makes you feel good too and the best part of the whole experience? Well your baby is getting a whole load of exercise in the water and will leave the pool exhausted and probably hungry too! Once fed, he should settle quickly and sleep for a while, leaving you with some time to yourself to enjoy.

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