Why Maternity Swim Suits Are a Must Buy  

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2011 in Articles

If you are planning to go swimming or you have just decided to go on a beach vacation in summer, then you must start searching for some maternity swim suits. Although you can still wear some of your pre-pregnancy clothes with empire cuts, or get into your oversized pants, you surely wouldn't want to squeeze yourself into your old swimsuits. If you do, you may be up for a big disaster.

You see, wearing your pre-pregnancy bathing suits when you're on the family way can be disastrous because aside from realizing how huge you have become, you will also have a hard time getting into the swimwear. And, even if you succeed on this part, you will eventually find it impossible to move. In the end, you would only be feeling down and unattractive. So, to skip the melodrama, the best thing is to buy a swimsuit for pregnant women.

If this is your first time to shop for a maternity swimwear, here are some handy tips to follow:

o If you are yet on the early stage of pregnancy, you should opt to purchase a swimwear that is a little bigger than what you need now. A tight fit will definitely get tighter as your pregnancy progresses. Thus, you may not be able to use the swimsuit for long. If you want to get your money's worth, then you'd better go for something that has some allowance. Remember, just pick one that's a little bigger. A swimsuit that's too big may fall off or sag when you're in the water. Besides, it will not give you enough bust support.
o While checking out some maternity swimwear, it is also crucial to pick the ones that have plenty of stretch particularly in the areas of the bust, belly, and hips. During pregnancy, these areas are expected to increase so your swimwear should have enough room for the expected growth. Choose those with 20% Lycra; they can offer maximum amount of stretch.
o If you are bigger in the hip area, you should look for the side tie options. The adjustable ties would allow you to do necessary alterations whenever your hip grows wider.
o If your bust area is big, then it is a must to look for a swimsuit which offers enough support for it. Find a maternity swimwear which has wider straps on the shoulders that can also be adjusted as your bust area gets bigger. Make sure that it also has some padding so your breasts won't show through when wet.
o If you intend to do some laps in the pool, your best choice would be to go for a one piece suit. Strapless minis are not exactly as great in the swimming pool for some laps as when you're walking in the sandy beach. If you are swimming to exercise, then one piece should be your pick.
o Finally, if you plan to stay in the beach or pool for quite some time, it is best to get at least two maternity swim suits. One could be for fashion while one can be for serious swimming. Hassle-free, right?

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