Why Non Chlorine Pools?

by Pool Builders on 01-25-2008 in Articles

Although chlorine has been the method for cleaning swimming pools and recreational water of all kinds for so many years, there are and have always been some health and environment repercussions that are only now beginning to come into the light. Consumers today are beginning to learn more and more about what chlorine is doing not only to your pool but to your body as well. Everyone knows that chlorine dries out your skin and even contributes to disintegrate your swim wear but there are more dangerous side effects than this.

There are dozens of different studies which are stating that there is a definite connection between chlorine pools and different types of cancer. These studies are beginning to surface more and more, facing chlorine pool owners with a harsh reality and a big decision to make. Of course the answer is obvious, switch to a non-chlorine pool but there are still many sceptics regarding these studies. One particular study by the U.S Council of Environmental Study reveals that the risks of cancer are 93% for those who have a tendency of drinking chlorinated water when they are swimming. This is something that everyone does from time to time when they are swimming and these studies are showing this simple act can and may cause cancer.

A second study shows that chlorine is basically a pesticide used to kill the bacteria and viruses in the water. At this basic level of understanding it is easy to see how by consuming even a small amount of the pool water you can be killing the organisms and tissues inside your body. When you take the time to think of it in these terms it makes perfect sense and you will wonder why you never thought of this before. Breast cancer is one form of cancer which as been recently tied to chlorine. The study states that women with breast cancer have up to 60% more chlorinated by-products in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer. This is astonishing information and something that should be taken very seriously.

Although we have only listed two separate studies above the information they provide you with should be more than enough to think twice before getting into a chlorine pool. Now that there are several different types of non-chlorine pool options on the market today you are no longer stuck using this dangerous chemical if you want to own a swimming pool, you have options. A non-chlorine pool is the perfect option for those who love to swim and want to invite their friends and family over for a pool party, no one wants to swim in chlorine and you may find no one will come to your party. The side effects and dangers of chlorine are becoming more and more available and well known that people are beginning to boycott it altogether.

Join the crowd and start swimming in a naturally cleansed pool and you will not believe the difference.

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