Why Not Use Solar Power Kits to Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2010 in Articles

People all over the world are increasingly looking for green energy solutions to reduce their energy bills and also to keep the environment clean. The sun's inexhaustible energy is one of the prime green energy sources that can help in this and there are many retailers who are selling solar power kits. Given below is some of the information on the companies selling solar kits.

Solar Solutions

Solar solutions is one of the better known companies which market and install solar power units of various capacities for home power needs and for commercial requirements. It is a globally known company and offers several types of energy solutions for tapping the sun's power in an easily usable manner.

Among the many types of solar power units marketed by the company, a comparatively well known one is Kit 7 Energy Plus 1, which is better suited for residential power requirements. It will be easy to install and operate the unit in a home which has already got an electrical connection. The power is generated quite fast and the unit can also be used to make the electricity meter run backwards to indicate reduced consumption and thereby save on the energy bill.

The basic components of this solar kit are an aluminum base, power cable, disconnect switch, protection equipment, and a watt inverter of Sunny Boy 1800. The aluminum base is fully corrosion resistant. Details of its power generation capacity and instructions for installing the system will be provided with the unit. The system sports a modular design so that it is easy to accommodate additional inverters or solar units into it.

Alpine Survival

Alpine Survival is also a well known company that design and market a range of solar equipments. Their products are typically tough, with the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions well. Since they are lightweight, they are easily transportable as well.

Their Uni-Pac is a portable solar panel which is rugged and shock resistant to a high degree. It does not sustain damages even if dropped, or if someone accidentally steps upon it. It is a lightweight product where the components are not made of glass or other breakable material so that it remains impact resistant and unbreakable to a high level.

Investing in a solar power kit will always be a sound economic decision as it will lower the energy bills. Further, by relying on a renewable energy source like the sun and reducing your dependency on the general electricity grid, you will be doing a great service to the environment as well.

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