Why Pool Pumps And Filters Are So Important?  

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2012 in Articles

Majority homes have swimming pool at their backyard, but do not realize the importance of pool pumps and filters. People decide on the tiles while installing a pool, but fail to consider the decision on buying filters and pumps.

Pool pumps are vital pieces of equipments that ascertain your pool is clean and shimmering, we have the worlds best pool pumps and pool filters from all major brands. The main purpose of using the pool filter and pumps is to keep it clean. The advantage is that the pool filter and pump also works with the filtration system such that they go through a skimmer basket and reach the pool free from debris. Pool filters and pumps come in various sizes, models and shapes. It would be logical to buy and install bigger pumps for bigger pools, but this is not mandatory. So knowing about the pool pumps basics is essential prior to deciding on buying one. Buying pumps coming with straining basket are best as they are designed to catch sticks and leaves or anything that falls into the pool.

The pumps are based on the type of pool, in case you have above ground pool, you may need a different pool pump. Mostly, pumps state their capacity and the water they can pump each minute or hour. This makes it crucial that you know the size of the pool before arriving at a decision. The size is indicated to the pool area and the gallons of water it holds. Replacing a pool pump is rightly done after checking how old the filtering system is and how powerful it is. Conclusively, selecting pool pumps should be done by checking the energy efficiency. This help in saving costs on the electricity bills and assists in taking cleanliness one step ahead.

Water pollution is due to the environment and this includes everything bacteria, dust, chemical wastes, leaves, spores and pollen. Swimmers also carry pollutants in the water in the form of sweat, urine, suntan oils, viruses and bacteria. This is the reason that all the swimming pools have pool pumps and filters to ensure that the unwanted pollutants are removed with other disinfected organic materials immediately or within a short time.

The common filters are DE that filters finer particles and need less maintenance, Cartridge filters are also popular and are easy to maintain. Nowadays, the Zeolite filter is considered of great use as it is identical to DE filters and filters particles finely and requires no extra maintenance.

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