Why Pool Safety Laws Are Important

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2010 in Articles

Swimming Pools and Property Liability -

Swimming pools are a great source of entertainment that many new homeowners or those investing in a rental property often install. There is liability that comes with a pool and is something that should be considered when planning out your mortgage and the eventual property purchase. Pool safety laws require owners to follow certain guidelines in order to reduce the possibility of an accident from occurring.

The Responsibility Involved -

When you invest in rental property, one of the most popular additions to many unit or townhouse complexes is a swimming pool for tenants to use for recreation. This is a great way to attract renters to your property, especially those with families. There are responsibilities that come with installing a pool on a residential or investment property that the owner must beware of, and some of these involve legal requirements. To meet legal safety requirements all pool owners are now required to arrange a certificate ascertaining the pool is safe according to the law. These laws were put in place in order to reduce the number of accidental drownings of young children that have occurred in the recent years. Additionally, they are also to prevent other forms of accidental injuries such as broken bones and in worst-case scenario, brain injuries.

A government established pool safety committee and was staffed with experts in the field of swimming pool maintenance and installation. Based on this committee's recommendations, these laws not only apply to commercial properties but also to residential ones with pools and spas. Mortgage brokers can help homeowners to be aware of these legal issues when investing in a new property and who are considering installing a pool on it. It is very important to consider these certifications when purchasing a property that already has a pool on it. There are certain regulations that the seller must meet before the property comes into your hands.

What Do the Laws Require?

One of the main aspects of this law is a universal standard for all pools (regardless of their age) to have a safety fence installed around its perimeter. In order to get the safety certification that the pool is properly barricaded from children's access, it has to be evaluated by a licensed pool safety inspector. This certificate must be obtained by the owner before he or she sells or leases the property to an individual. If you are applying for home loans, it is important that you check to see if the prior owner has obtained the proper certification for a pool already on the property before you buy it. This is vital, because having proper certification when the property changes hands protects you from liability and shows the pool meets legal requirements.

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