Why Pool Tarps Are Important  

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool is a major investment for most homeowners and it is important to protect that investment if you intend on enjoying it for years to come. Pool tarps are often used to by pool owners as a way of extending the life of the pool as well as securing the environment in the interest of safety.

A quality cover will act as a barrier between your pool and the elements, especially during the winter. Leaves, dirt and other debris are prevented from landing in the water and possibly clogging up the drainage system. You also want to keep rain water from accumulating as well.

Covers are available in a wide variety of different materials. Some of the more popular tarps are made from vinyl, laminated material and mesh. You will find that some covers are appropriate to be used as a barrier only but are not strong enough to address any safety issues.

Solid covers are anchored firmly in place and provide greater safety for children and pets. Most have special drainage features that will shunt water away from the pool. Mesh covers can provide a certain amount of safety but obviously water will pass through uninhibited.

A cover will also prevent heat from escaping and that will save you money on energy costs when it comes to maintaining the proper temperature. Special solar tarps will save wear and tear on your heater and keep the pool water warm even after the sun goes down. You should notice a dramatic decrease in heating costs with this option. Water will also not be able to evaporate with the tarps in place.

Specialized tarp covers can be purchased for any shape or size pool. Built in and above the ground models alike will benefit regardless if they are concrete, fiberglass or lined with vinyl.

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