Why Proper pH Balance Is Important For Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2012 in Articles

The pH balance of a pool is simply the balance of different chemicals within your pool's water. Every element that comes into contact with your pool's water can change the pH balance, especially rain, dirt, bacteria, and even sunscreen and suntan oils. It's important to maintain proper pH of swimming areas in order to protect the pool's quartz plaster interior. Without proper pH, all of the elements that come into contact with pool water will quickly start to erode and break down the plaster shell of the pool, leaving it scratchy and rough on the sides and bottom.

How pH is Measured and What It Means

When cleaners test the pH balance of swimming area, they are looking at the level of acid, or alkalinity, of the water. The alkalinity of the water is the measurement of calcium bicarbonate that determines the level of water hardness. The ideal measurement of water hardness is between 100ppm and 150ppm. The typical swimming area should have a pH level of 7.2. If you conduct a test of your pool's water and find that the pH balance is too high or too low, you can add calcium bicarbonate or an acid to the water. It's best to hire a professional who can competently add the correct chemicals to your pool and take proper chemical measurements.

An unbalanced pH level can lead to a number of different problems for your concrete swimming area If it rises too high, you may see calcium deposits form on the tiles or filter. If it is too low, the water will start to pull calcium deposits from the plaster shell of the pool eroding the sides and bottom. An unbalanced pH can also lead to cloudy or murky water that's unsuitable for swimming.

How Pools Can Maintain Proper Balance

A professional cleaner can help get the balance of your pool correct, but you will need to monitor and maintain your pool's water to ensure that the water remains suitable for swimming. Many of the chlorinators available on the market have automatic pH adjustment and chemical injection systems to help you easily maintain your pool's pH balance.

A company recommends the Saltigem chlorinator for salt water pools, which has automatic pH adjustment and acid injection. For owner's who don't have saltwater pools, the Chemigem system can automatically inject chemicals and acid into the pool to help maintain balance. No matter which type of maintenance system you go with, it's important to remember that pH balance not only affects the suitability of the swimming water but also affects how long your pool's shell will stay smooth to the touch.

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