Why Should Our Family Purchase A Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2012 in Articles

This is a personal question that there is no right or wrong answer. Most people purchase pools for these reasons;

1. Health & recreation
2. Do not want to fight the traffic to the beach
3. Tired of high gas prices
4. Public pools are too crowded and dues are costing more
5. Kids are on a swim team
6. Like keeping their children home
7. Nothing like a cook out around your own pool
8. Great way for water aerobics
9. Etc.

Are you fighting traffic everyday with a lot of stop and go? Have you had a hard day at work? Are the kids out of school and driving you crazy because they have nothing to do? If you answered yes to these questions, you are ready to take the plunge into greater peace of mind.

Imagine being able to go into your own backyard everyday your pool is open and unwind. Lay on your float. The kids may be in school. You may be off work. It may be 100 degrees. What better way to relax then in your own backyard swimming pool.

A family pool will bring your family closer together. A lot of parents worry where their children are when school is out. Their children are bored in the summer with nothing to do so they hang out with their friends somewhere.

Your own backyard pool will keep your children home so you no longer will have that worry of wondering where they are. Great times can be had by all. Your children may even start to communicate with you.

It's time to get out that grill and cook hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, etc. and stay home and relax. Save that restaurant and gas money by eating and relaxing around your pool. Remember the old saying €The family that plays together stays together €.

With the technology that is available today, pools are very easy to maintain. Automatic pool cleaners and automatic chemical systems have taken the place of hands on cleaning. If you want to extend your swimming season, a pool heater can be installed when your pool is installed or added later. Do you live in a subdivision that has a community pool? Of so, you might be a member and pay yearly dues. At that pool do you have a lot of people? Find it hard to find a chair? Is the food too expensive? Put all that behind you with your own pool

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