Why Should You Choose Swimming Pool Tiling for Your Sydney Pool  

by Pool Builders on 05-28-2014 in Articles

Human psychology works in strange ways. We all know that water is colorless, still we believe, the bluer the water the purer it is. We are in reality still that kid who would pick up that true azure colored crayon to paint the waters (even the ones dripping from the tap) vibrant blue. Conforming to this belief, you must have noticed that most swimming pool tiling in Sydney is blue. And when you think about it, the vibrant blue tiles actually do make the pool water look much cleaner than the dull blue. So, if your pool is looking a bit tired, a great pick-me-up could be a change in the tiling. Replace the weathered tiles with fresh, brightly colored tiles and see how the look of your pool transforms.

The look of the pool is definitely important as it is a definite asset to the property; moreover, you always want your pool to be inviting. Tiling a pool always gives it the premium finish that simple concrete or mosaic finish simply cannot achieve. This finesse is something that might even allow you to pitch a higher value when you have to resale the property and buyer would happily pay the amount. Moreover, compared to concrete, tiled swimming pools are much easier to maintain. Swimming pools are in fact the greatest magnet for dirt. Whether it is body oil and dirt, or environmental factors you would anyways struggle to keep the pool clean. If you add a cement base, then be prepared for a lifetime of whacking out the weeds from the pool.

Another reason to install swimming pool tiling in Sydney is the comfort. Concrete over time will become degraded which means the smooth finish will soon give way to a rough texture. This not only ruins the look of the pool but also causes you to braze your hands and feet on the rough surface. So, while the newly finished concrete pool may look just fine, if you do not finish it off with tiles, you will suffer in the long run. Conventional tiles today may seem a bit dated and keeping that in mind, manufacturers have now come out with a new type of tiles. They are called glass mosaics. While the normal mosaic is rough to touch with hackneyed designs, the glass mosaics are a newer innovation that is quickly becoming popular in the pooling world as well as for bathroom fittings.

Glass mosaic tiles have wonderful reflective surfaces that have multiple shades of color. When light falls on these tiles, they mimic the movement of water with its multi dimensional color display. When these tiles are used in swimming pools the combination of water, tiles and light create a striking effect. Since they are extremely slick, they are easier to clean as well. Another optical illusion created by these tiles is that, since they are tiny in size compared to the conventional, they somehow make the pool seem larger in size!

If you are planning to get swimming pool tiling done in Sydney, or even replacing the bathroom tiles, you could consider getting under tile heating too for your Sydney home. This will save you from the chill of the cold tile when you come out of the pool or the bath, keeping your feet warm and toasty.

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