Why Should You Use A Salt Chlorinator For Your Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2012 in Articles

Salt chlorinator converts table salt into sodium hypo chloride. But you can stop using these traditional methods of sanitizing your pool and review other products such as Goldline Salt chlorinator. Recently, the salt chlorinated pool water is said to offer ultimate swimming experience. The salt system uses electrolytic technology that assists in converting regular salt into chlorine.

The salt system are two components namely, the electrolytic converter and the control box. The electrolytic converter is also referred to as a cell. This is installed behind the filter, pump and heater such that as the pool water passes via the converter, electrical charge is generated that converts automatically the dissolved salt into chlorine. This is then dispersed by the return jets into the pool. Each time it gets re-circulated, the chlorine that is salt based gets recharged and the same cycle gets repeated. The production of chlorine is based on filter run percentage.

However, owners using swimming pools should consider the use of salt chlorinator only after considering dealing with the pool edges:

Real slate, Clay brick paving, Concrete coping and other pool types are subjected to salt attack such that the salt crystals are formed when the splashed water gets evaporated from the surface. Such crystal formation eats away the edge of the pool to the extent that it causes to crumble and the problem occurs with only salt chlorinated pools.

Following these hints are helpful on having salt-chlorinated pool such that:
€ Ascertain the salt dosage is perfect and avoid over dosing.
€ Activities such as dive bombing cause lot of splashing and accelerate the attack of salt.
€ Use fresh water to spray the coping of the pool edge such that it washes the excess salt and this is done using high pressure hose.

Using Goldline Salt Chlorinator of Hayward offers cells in three sizes namely, 15000, 25000 and 40000 gallons. These enable the pool size to become cost-effective as they are based on the cells. These cells enable to generate automatically pure chlorine required for the water that is clean and soft. Its excellent features are:
€ It controls as well as prevent calcium buildup
€ Use 1L for pool water of 20000 gallons
€ Phosphate free

Product Highlights:

Use minimal salt. The cell adds salt to your pool and this can again convert into chlorine, thereby reducing the replenishment needs in comparison to any traditional chlorine. The advantage is that this cell can be vertically or horizontally installed as per the existing plumbing.

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