Why Swimming Is A Necessary Life Skill For Children To Learn  

by Pool Builders on 12-19-2013 in Articles

An age old question that many parents struggle with is: €When should I introduce my child to their first swimming lessons?' Typically, the answer to this question is sooner, rather than later. Many families wait until their children are entering school before they get them into a swimming program capable of teaching water safety and swimming skills. However, why should you wait so long? The horrible reality is that drowning rates are terribly high for children under five years of age, and difficulties in the water can result in serious injury or death in children. Being diligent and enrolling your child in fantastic swimming lessons can be the first step in ensuring their safety later in life, as well as providing them with a valuable life skill. It is usually a good idea to begin introducing your children to swimming lessons between the ages of three and four, but you as a parent are going to know better than anyone else when the best time for your child is.

Getting Started

There are various parent and tot classes available at local pools all around your area, and these classes are designed to teach your child how to be comfortable and confident in the water, rather than focusing on lessons regarding how to actually swim. These classes are a fantastic way to get yourself started and introduce your child to the wonderful world of water. Typically, at the age of three your child may be starting to branch out into activities where other adults supervise them instead of you. They might interact with other children in a classroom environment, and if your child is comfortable with other adults or children this may be a good indicator that they are ready to take on a swimming class on their own.

Do Your Homework

It is always a good idea to make sure that you do your research before you decide which kind of swimming program will best suit your child's needs. There are so many different options offered throughout the country, and many of them might be great, but not tailored specifically to your family. Enquire about how old your child needs to be to register in various programs, and whether the registered children in that program are based on age or ability level. Don't forget to find out the teacher to student ratio, as more often than not you will want your child in a class that will allow him or her to have adequate attention from a teacher.

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