Why Swimming Should Be on Every Mum's Exercise to Do List

by Pool Builders on 10-02-2009 in Articles

When the weather turns warm, hitting the beaches and the swimming pools is a great family activity. But it can be much more than a great pastime. It can be one of the healthiest and most effective exercises you'll ever find.

Let's be honest. When you're swimming, you don't feel like you're exercising. The water laps at your skin and keeps you cool. Your body seems to float on the surface. Nothing hurts or aches. It's amazing. But the whole time you're swimming, you are actually giving your body a workout.

Swimming is just as effective as running for increasing the endurance of your cardiovascular system. But because of the buoyancy from the water, you're not putting any pressure on your joints so you don't hurt or get achy while you're doing it. This last part is also good if you have a lot of weight you need to lose. Being very overweight can sometimes make exercise difficult but in water you'll feel light as a feather.

Swimming also works all of your major muscle groups. You've got to keep those arms and legs moving in order to stay afloat. That means you're getting a better workout than you would on a treadmill, by walking, or on most stationery bikes.

Another benefit is that you can have your entire family involved. You probably have a hard time finding time to work out but if you can take your children with you to the pool then you'll have a chance to exercise and so will they. Remember it's never too early to teach your kids the importance of exercising, too.

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