Why Swimming is One of the Best Cardio Exercises

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2010 in Articles

You know very well that the physical activity is essential for staying fit and healthy. The cardio exercises have a wide range of benefits and are readily available to everyone. But which one is right for you?

Swimming is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. It has a lot of valuable benefits to the health. Also, it is much more fun compared to other more common exercises such as jogging. More importantly, you can readily go to the local public pool or sign up for a gym that has a private one for its members.

Swimming is the best sport for all those who have some kind of problem with their joints and/or tendons. No matter whether you have a stiff back or arthritis the exercising will be easy and most importantly not painful at all. In fact, it is recommended to athletes with injuries as it provides for their more beneficial recovery. The water is also the best environment for obese individuals to exercise in. If you are in the pool up to the neck, your body will bear only 10% of its weight.

When you swim you exercise literally every single muscle of your body. You will feel your arms, shoulders, abs, buttocks, thighs and even calves becoming tighter and stronger. Plus, the water resistance is about two times that of the air so every movement is twice more effective. Your body becomes slimmer and stronger at the same time. It has also been proven that this sport aids for the strengthening of the back and for the improvement of the posture. That is why it is highly recommended to children and teens.

You can effectively lose weight if you adopt swimming as your main active exercise. A person weighing 155 pounds can burn some 422 calories in one hour just by adopting a leisurely style. The butterfly swimming allows for the burning of the amazing 774 calories per hour. As you can see you can really slim down. The only problem is that this type of physical activity tends to be tiring and to cause serious hunger pangs. So, you might want to arrange an appropriate diet to accompany the exercising so that it is effective.

Last, but definitely not least swimming is great for the cardiovascular health. By making the movements in the water your heart is adopting a beneficial rhythm. Also, the blood flow to every single organ in the body is also improved.

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