Why The Hayward Pool Heaters Are Most Popular?  

by Pool Builders on 01-30-2012 in Articles

If you are residence is in a place having seasonal climate such that it gets cold and you are fortunate to own a swimming pool, you must have also now given a thought to fix a pool heater. This is essential as the pool heaters keep the water at comfortable temperatures, thereby extending your period of swimming and to get the best and most of your pool. Heated pool water holds temperature and is great for fitness and aqua therapy.

Acquiring heat pump or solar pool heaters is also ideal for pools, but they are less effective than the powered varieties. This is what makes the Hayward heaters highly popular as they come in natural gas and propane powered. These pool heaters are made of high quality parts and helps in running efficiently and quietly. Hayward pool filters are known for their quality and combat the problem of low NOx emission feature. The H series delivers efficient heating system.

The main advantage of opting for Hayward heaters is they are highly popular brands in the market. Why they are important is that their products lasts forever and are easy finds. The Hayward heater parts do not involve gas expense as they are available at majority spa shops and local pools, thereby you can save some money or you can also find them on sites such as Amazon.

Hayward heaters parts are easy exchangeable and the fuel type is converted to liquid petroleum or natural gas, but should be done by professionals. However, the pool filters efficiency is above 80% rate. These heaters come with CPVC 2 inches union connections making plumbing easier. The Hayward heaters offer superior performance radio and the pump time is lesser as the heaters consist Silicon Nitride ignition used for reliable lighting operations and this reduces the energy bills. This helps in saving a good amount and time. Hayward pool heaters are the best and most efficient pool heaters available in the market today.

The Hayward pool heaters chosen in the right size for your pool should be done by checking your local pool shop. The right product choosing depends on the type and size of your budget and pool. The prices range of Hayward heaters ranges between five or six hundred to small thousands. The added point is that this is an investment worth it and gets more usage from your pool so that you can extend the swimming season.

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