Why Tourist Love Sliema?  

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If you ask a tourist where he has been in Malta, his reply will be Sliema and Valletta. Then ask him where he stayed and most probably his reply will be Sliema or St. Julians. Finally ask him where he went for dinner, and again he will answer Sliema, St. Julians or Valletta. Why tourists fall in love with Sliema? What is the reason why all tourists who come to Malta visit or stay in Sliema?

Sliema is rich in history and was instrumental in the victory of the Maltese over the mighty army of the Turks led by Dragut who was basically killed where now Sliema is. Sliema then evolved into a small fishing village but today it is a major commercial and residential area due to a number of shops and shopping centers, bars, restaurants, cafs, modern hotels and stylish residential and holiday apartments.

Sliema extends from Manoel Island in Marsamxett Harbour to the beginning of Balluta Bay in St Julian's and most of its restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels are situated along the coast. Along the stretch of the rocky coast one can find a long and wide promenade with a lovely view of the Mediterranean Sea together with its lovely rocky bays. The promenade further extends to St. Julians, the sister city of Sliema that it is well known for its electrifying night life due to the number of discos and clubs in the area.

The promenade is just perfect for a enjoyable walk along the coast. Along the promenade you can find benches where you can have a rest and enjoy the beautiful sea just in front of you, gardens for further leisure (especially for the kids) and if you would like a coffee or just hungry, most restaurants and shops are just behind you across the road.. Also the new garden in Sliema, on the Tigne' peninsula and other public areas offer free WI-FI too.

Amazingly enough, if you want to experience a wonderful sunrise or sunset, just go for a walk along the promenade and enjoy the nice atmosphere during the late afternoon. But the atmosphere does not stop here. Enjoy a relaxing a walk during the night where you will find the promenade well lit up, and the feeling of the lovely sea breeze is unique. Winter is no exception too. Locals and tourist won't miss a walk in Sliema anytime throughout the whole year.

Most holiday apartments and hotels are along the coast, thus opposite the promenade. So you are always meters away from everything being a walk, a swim, a coffee or from a nice lunch or dinner in a restaurant.. You are also meters away from all the attractions and tours around the Maltese islands since the public transport is well organized and Sliema happens to be a central hub for taxis.

Even though Sliema is along the coast, it is still quite centrally located and it is well connected with all the major roads on the island, so going around the island with a rented car is pretty easy, in fact it is highly recommended. If you want to have a swim on the sandy beaches just drive north. For charismatic old villages or for vibrant history just drive south or west. Sliema ferries are also a major attraction since you will find a variety of boat trips (underwater cruises, day cruises, night cruises). The most enjoyable for an unforgettable experience are without any doubt the Grand Harbour and Comino ferry trips.

So that is Sliema in nutshell. There is everything for everyone since that's how locals and tourists want it to be! When are you going to pay us a visit?

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