Why Upgrade to Energy Efficient Pool Pump Is Necessary  

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2013 in Articles

If you have not yet caught on to pool pump, energy saver concept, it is high time for this upgrade. After all, going for energy efficiency is for your benefit. Firstly, it is going to help you with cost reductions. Not only you can immediately benefit from reduction of utility bills, but also it is going to help you with savings on a long-term basis. However, simply installation of energy efficient pumps is not enough. You need to reinforce this with other measures such as lowering pool heater, using pool cover, and preventive maintenance whenever required.
Do away with unnecessary waste in energy besides saving water with this state of the art of pumping technologies. Efficient pumps can reduce the consumption of power by a staggering 65%. In order to encourage more and more people to go for this latest technologies and switch to an eco-friendly pumping options, government also offers tax reductions and other incentives. Your swimming pool pump efficiency has a direct relation to the energy consumption and therefore the related utility bills.
Maintain comfortable temperature and save energy with the help of pool pump energy saving technology where small sized products are in use. Efficient motors use 30 to 45% lesser energy compared to the standard varieties. There are a number of models available for you to choose from, including variable, two speed, and four-speed options. For regular use, it is ideal to decrease the speed to the lowest possible. Go for higher settings on a less frequent basis for thorough cleaning purposes.
The movement of water with these new pumps is higher to the previous models. This also adds to their energy efficient quality. Circulation of the water with their pumping mechanism helps to keep the water clean. With their efficient work, filters need to consume less energy for performing the same function. High quality pumps come with variable energy settings. As a result, the flow requirement remains minimal for performing regular pool tasks. It includes heating, filtering, spa jets, and cleaning among various other functions.
Some of these high-energy efficient pumps also come with timer and custom speed functions with fully programmable features. This makes for superior management of the pumping action and optimum maintenance of flow through the day. Energy efficient pool pump is meant to reduce hassles related to your pool pumping action. Ultimately it is up to you to make the best of the associated benefits!
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