Why Use a Swimming Pool Ionizer?

by Pool Builders on 01-11-2010 in Articles

People who are looking for different ways to keep their pool water clean and healthy, are facing a lot of different options. It is not only about adding chlorine to the water these days, but also buying a sand filter, a pool ionizer and also chemicals to keep the water bacteria free.

Well how does a swimming pool ionizer work? The simple answer to this is that it adds different metal ions to the pool water, and that way it kills the bacteria and possible algae in the water. Normally this made possible by adding copper and zinc ions in the water through two metallic rods in the ionizer.

For a normal pool this is enough get rid of algae, but if you already have a real problem with it - black algae - then you should look at alternative ways. An ionizer works mainly as a way of keeping your pool in good condition.

The most disputed issue that concerns ionizers, is the fact that most people who use them, tend to add chlorine to the water also. This leads us to the conclusion that an ionizer alone is not an effective way to keep your pool water healthy and clean. This assumption is wrong.

The correct use of a pool ionizer can make your pool chemical free, and if you maintain your pool in other ways also - only wear a washed bathing suit, remove leaves and other particles from the water - you should be able to keep your pool clean.

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