Why Water Aerobics is a Great Exercise Option  

by Pool Builders on 04-19-2012 in Articles

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Looking for a new alternative to your daily walk, or trip to the gym? Why not try water aerobics! This is s is a low impact exercise that will still make you sweat!

You may think that swimming in a pool is all it takes for water exercises. But this is not true! Water aerobics is a full body workout, using every muscle from your legs to your shoulders. After an hour doing this aerobic exercise you are sure to feel the burn!

So how can one get started?

Surprisingly, many local pools offer classes in this sport, and usually for a very low cost. Check your local pool, or local gym to see if they are offering classes. These classes are fairly popular, so be sure to sign up early to ensure you have a spot.

If your local pool or gym does not offer the class, make your own class. There are many shops and online stores which offer great sports equipment, and for affordable cost. You'll be able to build up your own water aerobics kit, and many of these items you can take with you, so even when you travel you can stick to your workout.

What does water aerobics consist of?

This exercise uses cardio and strength training, as well as resistance training. You will be doing a good bit of cardio as you jog in the pool, or do laps. The strength training comes in the form of building your shoulder muscles, leg muscles, and core muscles as you go through the routine. Resistance training is a big part of water aerobics. Many professional swimmers complete a vigorous workout daily involving water aerobics for resistance training and to improve their performance.

The use of outside of equipment is a benefit to your routine, although not mandatory. Water aerobics equipment helps the swimmer maintain body alignment and improve performance; additionally the use of equipment can make for an overall more productive workout. The use of exercise equipment is a perfect way to increase leg and core strength during your workout.

What type of equipment is available to improve your workout?

There is a wide variety of equipment options available to improve your workout. Resistance bands and kick boards are the most common items that are used during a water aerobics workout. An Aquajogger belt is a great option to help increase weight loss during a workout. Use the Aquajogger belt to tone the abdominal muscles and maintain correct posture. A great alterative to the common sit-up!

If you're ready to get started with a water aerobics exercise routine, check out some local sports store or online store to start your water aerobics kit today!

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