Why You Do Warm Ups Before Swimming

by Pool Builders on 02-01-2010 in Articles

Like most sports, it is a good idea to thoroughly warm up before you get into serious swimming workouts and before a swim meet. The idea is to warm up the muscles so to help prevent an injury and to work out the stiffness. For the purpose of a meet you will have warmed up enough that you are not making a cold start and are ready to go all out from the start.

What you do not want to happen with a warm up is tire yourself so you can not get your great workout or reduce your times in an event. Don't mistake a warm up as a workout, it's just getting you ready. After your swim warm up it can be good to do your stretching routine, its generally accepted that stretching after warming up is more beneficial.

You will find different swimmers have a warm up they prefer, and there are coaches that have warm ups they want their swimmers to use. Also for a meet, the length of your warm up may be dictated by the distance you will swim. What can be difficult before a meet is the amount of people in the water warming up with you. This can make you have to modify your usual warm up routine due to lack of space.

What do swimmers do for their warm ups? This is a difficult question to answer because of the different requirements. I would say that if it's a warm up for practice, then you could do a longer warm up of slower laps mixed with some sprints. You could throw in some kicking and pulling drills to add some variety.

When you get in the pool to warm up for an event you may not get to do what you want. It can get crowded and you might have to just swim the best you can. Make the most of it for it will be better than no warm up and you will still benefit from it.

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