Why You Don't Want a Salt Water Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2013 in Articles

After 20 years experience with chlorine free swimming pools my knowledge of salt water pools has come from a quest for offering the best solution to my customer's problems. Most of my customers are looking for a healthy option to sanitize their pool without toxic chemicals. I can understand that salt water pools seem more pleasant than a regular chlorine pool but you are still swimming in chlorine. The salt in the pool is used to make chlorine. Just because we have chlorine in our tap water does not make it the best alternative. Many people are drinking bottled water to avoid the toxins in city water. If health is a concern salt water pools and chlorine pools are pretty much the same. Even if your physical health is not a concern there are fiscal downsides.

Salt water swimming pools are very corrosive. All of the equipment in your pool the pump, the heater, the pool it self will be compromised by the salt. Some manufactures are taking into account the popularity of salt water systems and making their products more resilient. There was a time when salt water in a pool would void the manufactures warranty. There are options to salt water pools.

Ozone, UV, ionization are used to sanitize swimming pools but are not 100% chemical free. These system all require a chemical for residual protection or for oxidation. They can reduce your usage but not totally eliminate the need for chemicals.

Bromine and bacqucil are the chemicals most used as an alternative to chlorine. Bacqucil is a hydrogen peroxide based substance I believe it to be the safest but very is cost prohibitive.The demand for chemicals seems to increase yearly to maintain proper levels for sanitization to occur.

The best systems on the market today taking into account cost and benefit are by far then combination electronic oxidation and ioniztion. These systems allow you to operate your swimming pool 100 percent chemical free. The use of ionization for sanitizing water was developed by NASA for use in space exploration. The oxidation occurs from the water being electronically broken into its component parts hydrogen and oxygen. This eliminates the need for toxic chemicals for oxidation.

If you are looking for a healthy cost effective way to sanitize your swimming pool without toxic chemicals there is only one solution. The chlorine free saltwater free system is the best choice. The use of electronic oxidation and ioniztion will have your family virtually swimming in bottled water.

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