Why You Need A Swimming Pool Cover For Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 12-27-2010 in Articles

If you have a swimming pool, you probably need a swimming pool cover as well. Such a cover is an extremely useful addon for saving you money by reducing the heating and cleaning costs for your pool. But it serves other purposes also.

One such example is the issue of safety. Of course, safety should always be a big issue for anyone with a swimming pool. That's because you have the possible chance of someone drowning. But, in addition, you have the possibility of someone inadvertently falling into the pool. This is particularly true at night or when alcoholic drinks are being imbibed.

So safety around the pool is a valid concern. But a great way of minimizing the chance that a boy or girl will inadvertently fall in your pool is to make sure that, when it is not in use, it is covered with a pool cover that is robust enough for a person to walk across. Normally, these types of covers will be made of a fiberglass mesh which have the capability of easily holding a person from 300 to just over 450 pounds with no problem. Therefore, it can easily hold the weight of a child who might inadvertently get too close to the edge of the pool.

But safety is not the only thing that a good pool cover is good for. In addition it is used to protect your food. It is also of great use in keeping out unwanted wild critters such as squirrels, raccoons and other animals that have the possibility of bringing dirt and possibly diseases into the pool environment. But it helps to keep out uninvited human visitors as well. And, lastly, a cover helps in protecting the pool against the weather.

This is especially true in inclement weather. As an example, in the case of very high winds, it is not al all out of the ordinary for tree branches, twigs, insects, and similar debris to blow into your backyard area and into the pool itself. If you have a pool cover, however, it will stop these items from polluting your swimming pool. Not only that, but in cold weather environments, pool covers help to protect the pool itself during the long winter months. That way when summer arrives the following year, clean up will be much less of a hassle and nuisance.

A swimming pool is no longer just for the rich. But it remains one of the biggest luxury items that you can purchase for your house. And, it is one of the more expensive items that you can buy as well. Therefore, you want to take great care in treating it will. A swimming pool covers allows you to protect it.

When it comes to portable pools, a lot of people wonder about the efficacy of having a pool cover. And the answer is, it depends. If your swimming pool happens to be one of the cheaper inflatable pools then it, most likely, will not need a pool cover. When you are done with it for the summer, you simply drain it and you are through. On the other hand, if your portable pool is well constructed and sturdy and one which is put up in the beginning of the summer and left there for the entire season, then it is probably best for you to protect it with a pool cover. In this circumstance, it serves the same benefits that a cover provides for the larger built in structures.

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