Why You Need to Review Your Pool Heater  

by Pool Builders on 12-18-2012 in Articles

Obviously, boiling a kettle can in fact use a considerable amount of energy, much in the same manner as your swimming pool heating unit. Not surprisingly the one within your swimming pool isn't going to be heating up the pool that hot! Nonetheless it is helpful to bear in mind that you could save some money by simply considering a different sort of heating unit.
There are a lot of distinctive sorts of swimming pool heaters and what this document will accomplish is to have a look at a number of them to find out precisely what the variations are.
The first heating device we come across will be the popular propane gas pool heating unit. The reason why they are so well-known is usually because of their price, however they are not too efficient, especially the earlier models. As the name suggests they can be powered by either propane or maybe natural gas. The way that they work is a fairly straight forward procedure. The water from the pool is pumped into the unit, through the filter and finally onto the heating unit.
While the natural gas burns, this consequently produces the high heat that is then transferred to the water being pumped through the unit. Different types and strengths of water heater are out there. It all depends on the size of your swimming pool along with what kind of environment the swimming pool is in. Naturally if you reside in Sweden you will require a lot of electricity to heat a swimming pool!
An advantage of this sort of water heater has to be that they'll get hot within a short period of time and as soon as they're working they're able to maintain a constant temperature. In case you're just looking to heat your swimming pool occasionally then this is a great option for you.
The second kind of heater we will take a look at is the electric heater. These are more cost-effective than propane gas heaters and will also have a longer lifespan although understandably this may come at a price. Something to contemplate in regards to this kind of heating device is the fact that you will want specialist to put in the unit and also to maintain it.
Finally we've the solar powered water heater. This particular heating device is fairly appropriate these days with governing bodies interested in more ways to make use of alternative energy sources. The cost of them isn't a whole lot more expensive in comparison to the other two solutions but the gross annual expenses are certainly more cost-effective. These types of units work by pumping the water via the filtration system then on towards the solar panel which will then heat the water.
One of the primary components in just how good a solar power pool heater is going to be, will be the amount of solar energy you have available. You will notice that it isn't always dependent on how much sunshine you get. The scientific explanation for this is a solar heater is able to use solar radiation in addition to direct sunlight. So assuming that it's not shady then you have a excellent chance of the heating device working for you.
One particular problem is that the solar panel needs to be fairly sizeable, at times as much as one hundred percent of the surface area of your swimming pool!

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