Why You Should Install a Swimming Pool Fence

by Pool Builders on 12-28-2009 in Articles

As the owner of a backyard swimming pool, we are confident that one of your prime concerns is swimming pool safety. As such, we are sure that you will want to use every possible safety device. Therefore, this article is going to discuss pool fencing and why you should use it.

Pool fencing is a very valuable tool in keeping young children away from the water when they are unsupervised. Regardless of how you may try, the simple fact is that you cannot always ensure they are supervised.

To reinforce this fact, let's identify two statistics. Drowning is now considered to be the second leading cause of death among children in the 5 - 14 years old category. In fact, over 850 children drowned in 2001 alone, with half of them drowning in a pool. As these statistics show, even though you try to remain vigilant, children sometimes find a way to gain access to a pool while unsupervised.

As a result, we highly recommend you install a fence around your pool. This simple step can greatly reduce the probability of a child drowning. With that said, we recommend you also use other safety features like covering the pool when it is not in use and using a pool alarm system.

Before we conclude, we also wanted to point out that in many states, there are governmental ordinances which require you to use a fence if you own a pool. This is because the government has recognized the effectiveness of pool fences.

As we have shown above, it is extremely wise to use a fence around your pool. In addition, if your state requires it, you can be in violation of a law, which can result in some severe fines. While the possibility of a fine should be enough of a deterrent, you realize should consider your children's safety as the primary reason to install a fence.

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