Why You Should NEVER Reuse a Disposable Swim Nappy

by Pool Builders on 11-13-2012 in Articles

There's a disturbing trend going on at our swimming pools and beaches: people reusing disposable swim nappies.

First, let's start with the opposite question: why WOULD you reuse a disposable nappy? On the packet it says they can be washed, dried in the sun, and reused 3-4 times. When they cost about a dollar apiece, you want to get as much use out of them as possible, right? So the savings is an issue there.

But if you want to get as much use out of a thing as you can, why wouldn't you buy a reusable swim nappy in the first place? Disposable products are called 'disposable' for a reason. You use them, and then you throw them away. That's their purpose. Disposable products aren't made to last a long time. They're made for convenience - and, to be totally honest, so the company can hook you in and get you buying more when they run out. They cost less per item than reusable products. However, they break down far quicker than their sturdier counterparts.

For this reason, many swim schools have banned the use of disposable swim nappies. They break down and clog up the pool filters - and no wonder, if some people reuse them for a whole term.

Disposable swim nappies also start to absorb water if they've been used more than once. This hinders movement in the pool, making it harder for the child to move and actually easier for them to sink. I know how frustrated my boys get when they can't do something they're trying to do. Ultimately, this could cause some children to give up on swimming altogether.

And, further, the elastic in the disposable swim nappies will break down as well. Gaping leg openings from stretched elastic is not what you want at the best of times, but especially in a swimming pool full of other people. How embarrassing would it be to have the entire pool cleared because your child had an accident that the nappy didn't contain?

Honestly, I can't understand how a disposable swim nappy could be comfortable even once, not to mention the third or fourth time when bits are starting to fall off.

If you really care about how much money you're spending on swim nappies, just buy one reusable one - or two if you want a backup. You can still use it over and over, and it won't fall apart. And they're a lot cuter than disposables.

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